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JMT image 1.30My story is one of striving, overcoming obstacles, and overcoming other people’s limiting opinions to become a highly successful professional.

I grew up in an entrepreneurial family, my parents were serial entrepreneurs and self-made business owners. I wasn’t an all A student at school, in fact I finished the equivalent of high school with an A, B, C, D set of grades. I went to college anyway. At undergraduate level I graduate with a II:I not a 1st,  but I worked hard, never gave up, and eventually got my Ph.D. in Biochemistry (and I didn’t even pass that the first time).

I was an introvert and people were doubtful I could make it in the U.S. I move to the US alone anyway and spent 9 years doing life science research at a top university. I realized that lab research was not my calling, so I changed careers to technology transfer and made another solo move, this time across the US.

Again, people were skeptical. They thought I couldn’t make it in a sales and negotiation environment as an introvert. I did it anyway and had a hockey stick career, going all the way from entry level to Interim Director in just 5 years. Throughout that transition I was always grateful to the people who made time to advise and mentor me. I made it a point to do the same for others coming up the ladder behind me.

I took another risk and moved my new family across the country to California to take up an Associate Director position at a renowned institution. Two years later, I moved across the country again and took a huge career risk to move up once more to my dream job! Director.

Throughout my career progression, I continued to pour into others, mentoring my team, passing along the insights and skills I learned from my own growth journey, through books, seminars, articles, webinars and conferences. Anywhere I could, I found information to grow myself into a person who could be, do and have more. I sent my people to conferences and workshops to train them, and encouraged them to move on when it was time for them to take the next step up the ladder of success. I love helping others succeed.

IMG_1323crop2Later, with leadership changes, my dream job became my nightmare. I endured bullying and discrimination for years. After continuing to strive to succeed despite the odds, I did some deep, inner work on what mattered to me (integrity) and what success meant to me.

I took another huge risk and started my own business, helping other strivers to succeed in their careers or businesses and take it to the next level faster.

I have been taught, and am continually mentored by the best coaches in the world, and bring my world-class coach training, and my high performance and leadership experience to coaching executives, business owners and high potential professionals. I also speak on topics related to high performance and leadership.

I understands what it takes to be a high performer, how to take risks to get what you want, and how to navigate transitions, and position yourself to take advantage of opportunities. My experience, combined with studies of mindset, changing thoughts and self-limiting beliefs, high performance skills and practices, communication and connection, are brought into a powerful coaching relationship that will dramatically change your results and help you achieve your dreams.

My clients get results.

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