You Are About To Discover Powerful Success Strategies That Most Science and Technology Professionals And Business Owners Will Never Know

As a professional dedicated to success in a Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics related industry such as:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Biotechnology
  • Healthcare
  • High Tech
  • Medical Device
  • Oil & Gas
  • Education
  • Veterinary
  • Intellectual Property

you know how demanding the technical side of your job is.

As an executive, entrepreneur, healthcare professional, researcher, or other business professional, you are dedicated to overcoming the technical challenges.

But the technical challenges are only a small part of the equation, if you want to be successful in Science and Technology.

To be successful you also need to develop clarity, raise your awareness, and develop your soft skills, to unlock your potential.

Transform your results and unlock your potential

The good news is that you can overcome the obstacles standing in the way of you reaching your goals. But only IF you are someone that understands the need for continual growth, investment in yourself and your team, and action. Until you change thought processes and actions, you will be incapable of changing the results you are getting. You must start to live and work intentionally.

Where are you now and where do you want to be in 6 months or 12 months?

Don’t let challenges stop you from striving to be, do, and have more of what you want, and know you can be. The time to prepare for future opportunities is now, it’s too late once they appear.

Preparation + Opportunity = Success

Innovation doesn’t happen in isolation, people work in teams and organizations. And the people part of the equation is the challenge that can make, or break, your career or business. Technical people are not usually naturally talented in the soft skills necessary for creating, and working in high performance teams. And they not taught in graduate school either.

Many science and technology professionals are not even aware of the absolute necessity of these skills for success. They don’t know that these skills can be learned.

Success skills include:

  • Networking
  • Team building
  • Public speaking
  • Leadership
  • Understanding personality styles
  • Sales & marketing
  • Visioning
  • Communicating & connecting
  • High performance and productivity
  • Influencing
  • Mindset

If you are not growing yourself and your team, you will encounter obstacles that block your success

You may find that you are:

  • Stressed, continually overwhelmed, over-committed, frazzled, and flat worn out.
  • Frustrated watching others succeed, while you can’t seem to figure out how to advance your career or business. Struggling to navigate the career success ladder, or to find clients and customers for your business.
  • Driven crazy by the bureaucracy and lack of communication, focus, and stability in your company, or immediate team. The continual uncertainty, and shifting priorities, makes you feel as if you are continually trying to swim against the tide.
  • Uncertain whether you are good enough to overcome the challenges you face.
  • Lacking confidence in your ability to lead your team. You struggle to keep them motivated, and producing the level of results you know they are capable of.
  • Fearful dealing with confrontation or criticism. This holds you back from being as effective and successful at work as you know you could be. It makes you flat miserable when you have to deal with difficult personalities.
  • Feeling as though you never have enough time to get everything done at work. In your personal life, finding enough time for relationships, family, friends, exercise, healthy eating, and spirituality, seems impossible.
  • Tired of feeling like a rat on a wheel, and of the lack of integrity in the workplace. You dream about breaking out of the golden handcuffs. You dream of starting your own business, so you can choose who you work with.
  • Disappointed, conflicted and comparing yourself to others, especially those you secretly believe are less talented than you. You see them making the money you want to make and driving the car you want to drive. They go on vacation to the spot you’d love to visit, and live in the house of your dreams. No matter how much money you make, it never feels like it’s enough for what you need. You are, by all accounts, successful but financial freedom seems unattainable.

You must develop the skills, confidence, assertiveness, patience, emotional intelligence, and influence needed to be ready for the next opportunity.

Develop the ability to receive criticism, evaluate it, learn from what is useful, and discard the rest. You must learn how to be less governed by emotion at work, but retain your passion. Learn how to create more income, more clients, get a promotion, find contentment. To think from an abundance mindset, and develop fearlessness. Learn how to lead and influence people, to develop your people, and to stop procrastinating. Develop high performance skills, to get the right things done, and free up time for what you want to do.

If you REALLY want to learn to lead and influence people. If you REALLY want to create high levels of success in your business or career. The time to start is NOW. Success and wealth can become a reality.

So who am I and why should you care?

My name is Joanne Mitchell, and I am the leading success coach for science and technology professionals and businesses. I am also a leadership trainer and a speaker.

I am a former research scientist (the Ph.D. is in Biochemistry), leader in commercializing early stage technologies, and entrepreneur. My research and commercialization experience covers a wide range of science and technology areas, including research tools, biotechnology, nanotechnology, drugs, vaccines, medical devices, and software.

I am a POWERFUL coach,  certified by the John Maxwell Team. John Maxwell is the number one leadership expert in the world, year after year. He has established THE BEST coach and speaker training program in the world. I am trained and continually mentored by his team of internationally acclaimed coaches. I am also certified in the DISC personality profile.

My experience and coach training has made me an expert in helping science and technology professionals achieve transformational success.

My clients get results.

If you are serious about taking your success to the next level, then I’m here to turbocharge your results

Think about it. Top athletes and CEOs know that having the right coach gives them a competitive advantage. The people at the top, understand the value of having a coach to get them to the next level of success. So doesn’t it make sense that to become successful you should do what successful people are already doing?

Today, as we seek success in an extremely competitive marketplace, few of us can afford the steep learning curve of life. Why wait? What would it be like to be wise, happy and successful this year versus waiting a decade or two? What would it feel like to finally achieve the success, and have the income level you dream about? Can you imagine getting control of your time and money, and getting back your passion for your career, business, and life?

Coaching is one of the leading tools that successful people use to live extraordinary lives

I don’t work with everyone.

If you are ready to put in the work, and invest in yourself and your people, to take your success to the next level, then click the button to contact me.

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