Joanne Mitchell is one smart cookie! Did I mention she has earned her Ph.D.? Yep…she sure has and perhaps that is part of the reason I love her so much. That Ph.D. speaks to this woman’s tenacity and enormous ‘grit factor’ to push through life’s toughest challenges. And that is what makes her one of the best coaches I’ve ever encountered. Her coaching ability pushed me to achieve big goals – goals that had once seemed unattainable. So grateful for Joanne Mitchell! – Joan L. Turley Author, Realtor, Coach, Speaker, Trainer

“High performance women will need to juggle a lot at the same time. But eventually something has got to give and it usually ends up being the personal front. After a while one starts pushing the personal priorities (e.g. health, happiness, personal development etc….) to the back seat without giving it much thought. The consequences of doing so eventually leads to a high performing but often not so joyous professionals. The sessions I have had with Joanne really opened my eyes to some of the most basic things that I have lost sight of in my quest to chase the corporate dream. I have been living my life based on what was on my calendar. She reminded me that I need to pencil in personal time on my calendar. Her sessions were very methodical and structured and it helped me answer the questions that I have not asked myself in a long time. I have followed her inputs and carved out time for myself and striving to become the well rounded on all aspects not just my professional life. Joanne’s experience of being in the high performing positions in academic and corporate worlds makes her the ideal coach because she has actually experienced the challenges herself. Her advice are never theoretical. She is very personable and really engages in you in a conversation about yourself. I have benefited a lot from our sessions and I would strongly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a knowledgeable, experience and personable coach to improve their professional performance and/or personal life.” —Subashini Asokan, Ph.D., Director of IP Licensing, GE Oil & Gas

“Recently, the industry in which I’ve worked for the past 20 years has become frustrating and dissatisfying. My wife gave me a gift of professional career coaching from Joanne so I could see if there were other career options that interest me. After turning 50 years old, I initially thought I might be too old to reinvent myself, but now I realize that age is a state of mind and there is still plenty of time to do something else. Joanne has really helped me think hard about what is important to me, what I am good at, and what I have a passion for. She is very effective at helping someone figure out what their career possibilities are. Joanne’s coaching has allowed me to reflect not only on my education but also my natural abilities. We have been able to identify specific primary and secondary career paths to pursue. I am now very excited to start the next chapter in my career.” Rob Arnoldy, CFP®

‘I wanted to thank you again for the fantastic workshop’ – Delphine Boulbes, PhD, VP, Programming – Association for Women in Science, Gulf Coast Houston Chapter

“When I was floundering about where my career was going, I reached out to Joanne and she provided the immediate focus I really needed. I owe so much to Joanne’s encouragement and practical approach to making some important life decisions. Before getting her advice I was hesitant in whether I could make a big job change. But when I started practicing her suggested positive conditioning skills and seeing how Joanne practices this in her own life, I found within myself the courage and started the path that led me out of a dead-end job. Sometimes when we feel stuck, the Universe sends people like Joanne into our lives to get us back on track. Joanne was definitely a God-sent person for me at a time when I felt scattered and without hope.” —Suzy Stroud, CRA, CPRA, CFRA Grant and Contract Associate, Baylor College of Medicine

“I got comments from my 1 year review today. As I was reading the comments, I kept thinking “Thank you Joanne!” You taught me a lot and I want to thank you again for the great training. While working with you, I picked up your organizational skills and those skills have been well received here at UTA. Our weekly meetings and writing all of my tasks down really helped me keep on top of my tasks. The need to always keep Inteum up to date…now I’m the one preaching about getting everything into the database in case one of us is hit by the one bus that goes through Arlington. 🙂 And those are just a few of the things that I picked up from you.” —Sharon Ngwenya, Ph.D. Licensing Associate, University of Texas at Arlington